Thursday, August 15, 2013


In writing the sequel to The Bunco Club there are several images which have inspired me. I keep them visible and refer to them often. I guess I'm a very visual kind of person--no surprise there!

Sunnie's Car (minus the foreign license plates). Don't you LOVE the patchwork interior?
Yeah, one of my favorite things...The Mayflower
Fabulous and funky furniture
Can any one guess what this building is?
Love my old treadle!
Could this be Phree's mystery trunk?

This is so in the spirit of one of the newer characters we'll meet in Book Two. Any ideas?
The above photo is from a fabulous fiber artist--I LOVE her work! You can check her out on Facebook at Katwise or on the internet at She's very inspirational.

So what the heck do all of these things have in common and how am I planning to tie them together? Stay tuned.......

Oh, and by the way, I found out that Phree Clarke has her own blog now! Check it often as she will be passing on tidbits that I'm not telling about Book Two: Phree's Blog

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