Friday, June 5, 2015

Raggedy (Raw Edge) Hexies and More

I'm liking the idea of a raggedy-edge hexi quilt that is reminiscent of two quilts I have made in years past ... The Bulls Eye quilt from by Country Threads and the Tattered Pioneer quilt by Fabric Expressions.
My Bulls Eyes Quilt in a recent bed-turning

I've come across some interesting patterns and quilts -- none of which I have made, but all of which intrigue me with their own special qualities.

Here's one pattern with a great tutorial found on Happy Quilting's blog. It's shown as a baby quilt but larger sizes could easily be calculated. ...And yes, I immediately ordered the You Hexie Thing Ruler by June Tailor! I've got several ideas of how to expand/modify this pattern--I'll keep you posted (but don't hold your breath!) when I get to working on it!

Not a hexie but I stumbled on this cute raggedy (raw edge) modern baby quilt. I often underestimate the time it takes to do just about anything these days, but doesn't this look like it would be a fast one? It's an instant download on Etsy and only five bucks! ...I'll be purchasing this "Sweetie Pie" pattern as soon as I finish writing my blog!
Sweetie Pie by Karen Griska Quilts

Bullseye Baby by Riley Blake is another sweet and colorful baby quilt with a whimsical scalloped border. Of course, you all know my obsession for 30s repro it stands to reason that I see this quilt a little larger made from my 30s stash! Tutorial here: Bullseye Baby

Moda Bake Shop has a tutorial for a modern quilt called Hexagon Park Quilt designed by a UK quilter/designer. Modifications of this pattern are also flying through my mind by using a "layered" hexi look.


Here is one of the many quilts that I am working on now. I cut this out for my retreat-that-never-happened back in March. It's been quietly waiting ... lined up on the sofa in my sewing room like several other already cut projects and I decided it was time that we became better friends! About one third of the hexi blocks of my very first One Block Wonder are half-way pieced. This is what I have on my flannel wall right now:
This layout will undoubtedly change a lot as the rest of the hexies are finished...but it gives me food for thought as I sit before it and sew. I may even present them more as a typical Dresdin Plate layout.
And these are the next few blocks that I have ready to sew:
Here is a pic of the original fabric:
I'll post more pics and info as I progress.
Some photos from my recent bed turning at Tops Shelf Quilts in Frankfort. The photos were taken by my very talented and beautiful niece Brandace. I'd also like to thank Sandy and Dana for helping me by hoisting my quilts in the air for all to see!
And we're off... Number one of a giant stack of quilts!
My first Modern Quilt and I'm likin' it!
Talking about one of my mini-panels that are for sale.
Explaining QuiltSmart

Okay...enough already! Book 4 is calling =)
But before I leave, one more shameless shout-out for our Chicago Blackhawks who are 1-0 in the Stanley Cup Finals...GO HAWKS!