Sunday, January 25, 2015

Exciting News & a Little Bit of Catch-up

Exciting news first--
Right after New Year's Day I went off the grid to...drum roll...finish Book 3 of The Bunco Club Series! Currently Threads of Friendship: Marge & Beth is in limbo as the editor goes over the manuscript with a fine tooth comb. I am hoping hoping hoping to release Book 3 very soon.
WooHoo--so excited!!
PS: I'm rather embarrassed about the length of time since my last Blog post...but now that you know "The Rest of the Story," I'm sure you understand. 

THREADS OF FRIENDSHIP: MARGE & BETH  Book 3 of The Bunco Club Series
Be prepared to share your love of quilting and form lasting friendships when you pass through the doors of the Mayflower Quilters Retreat. Gather with fellow quilters as the world-class quilting haven hosts its soft opening. Follow Marge and Beth as they determine which threads they will hold dear and which ones must be clipped.
Marge Russell balances her duties between General Manager of the MQR and unexpected issues of her personal life. Antagonized by her sister, Marge must decide how to proceed with their relationship. Where will first year college student Val Russell’s reckless behavior lead her, and will Marge be able to help her daughter?
Losing an endless battle against the impulse to hoard, Beth Stevenson makes a choice to deceive her husband while safeguarding worthless items. Someone is cyberstalking Beth about her disorder; but who? Will hoarding drive her husband and family away and will Beth ultimately be forced to choose between her obsession and her family?
Explore the power and shortcomings of families and friends in THREADS OF FRIENDSHIP: MARGE & BETH, Book 3 of The Bunco Club Series. 

--Look for updates on this Blog as well as on my Facebook author page: Karen DeWitt, Author.            


Our Family Christmas Montage

Let the festivities begin!

 The quilt I made for my son for Christmas. He LOVED it and I had fun making it. He's a HUGE Chicago Blackhawks fan.

Rob with Blackhawks quilt--Photobombed by our cat Wrinkles

Christmas with my hubby and son at Rob's apartment
We had a wonderful afternoon at a Christmas Concert where my beautiful niece, Brandace, played Bells. (She's the one with the arrow hovering over her head!)
My Bunco Club  had a fun evening out for our December Bunco night
Bob and I on New Year's Eve. Sssshhhh don't tell anyone...we were back at the hotel and asleep at midnight! The first time we've ever done that. I guess someone's getting old!


Proving that you never know what might be around the next corner, while we were out in Iowa for New Year's Eve we spotted this on the side of the road. Both of us being artists loved the conceptual aspect of seeing this at the edge of a farmer's field. We found a safe place, pulled a "U-ie," and went back for a closer look. Some farmer either has a great sense of humor or was making a statement--not sure which.
Yep, it's a toilet with a patio umbrella (tattered from the wind) for shade.
Jacket Making Class
Remember this photo of the wool jacket? We had our first class and walked away with our jackets half made. One more session and we should be finished.

Three of my real Bunco friends hard at work.
Ooops--don't you hate when this happens? Debbie sewed the instructions to her garment! She was a good sport and let me take a photo for my blog. Thanks Debbie.



We are saddened in Chicago by the loss of Ernie Banks.
I remember going to Wrigley when I was little and always sitting by first base 
so we could be close to Ernie. What a thrill to see him play. 
My brother surely was his biggest fan. 
RIP're the best.
My family with Ernie Banks about 20 years ago at the Cubs Convention. What a great guy!

Thanks for looking. I promise to start posting regularly again =)
Peace to all and Happy 2015.