Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Seam Ripper, Pin Cushion, and Fall in Chicago

Am I the only one who didn't know what that little ball was for on a seam ripper?

I just ran across this YouTube video and I haven't tried the technique so I can't vouch for it but WOW if this works ... I'll be a happy ripper!
I can't wait to try this!


I'm loving this sturdy jeans pin cushion. The instructions are in Swedish and I ran them through the Google translator and got a choppy version of directions. I'm thinking maybe a tuna can and some stuffing/batting...
Website: Jeans Pin Cushion
Translation of instructions from Swedish to English:
I do not know how long I thought that I should sew a pincushion or two. I use the little puny pad that sits on top of the can when buying needles. It is short, frayed and small. Now it was a good girl in "We Sytokiga" on facebook that inspired me to finally get started. Obviously I want to do it my way and then it's not entirely surprising that I sewed the cushion from recycled jeans. As a base, I have a tin box as it has been in the candy and the filling comes from an old mattress.

Enjoy Photos of the Beautiful City of Chicago in Fall

The Bean

Love These...

 Happy Stitching and Reading!

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  1. LOVE the pin cushion! Such a great way to upcycle an old pair of jeans!

    Your Chicago fall pictures are incredible!