Tuesday, April 23, 2013

On the Lighter Side...

Apparently I’m the “Other” Karen DeWitt

It’s not like my name is Jane Doe, or Sue Smith, or Pat Jones. Though Karen DeWitt is not an especially exclusive name, it’s just unusual enough that I rarely find anyone with a last name exactly like mine. I’ve got the big W in the middle of my surname, and apparently so does the Capitol Bureau Chief at NYS Public Radio, Karen DeWitt. 

Equally bizarre is seeing photos of this woman with my same name. Since I’ve been growing my natural hair color in for the past five months (yes, I’m talking bright white hair again) the other Karen DeWitt and I look as though we could be sisters!
I’m aware there are a lot of us “mature” women out there named Karen, but way fewer young girls with that first name. In the past decade or two Karen never caught on as one of those trendy old-fashioned names like Emma or Sophia. The name Karen was pretty much non-existent prior to the 1920s, rose to its height of popularity in the 1950s and 60s, and has since crashed and burned on the popularity-by-name charts. 

Likewise, I have always thought the surname DeWitt was rather unique. Other than my handful of relatives and the well-known actress of the 1970s/80s Joyce DeWitt (Three’s Company) I’m not aware of too many other DeWitt’s. My internet research (and we all know how accurate that can be) shows an estimated 25,448 people with the last name of DeWitt in America compared to the most popular name of Smith at almost 2.4 million.

So getting back on track, it seems unlikely (at least to me) that I should have to share both of my names with someone. Anybody using my name to do a web search hoping to find my precious debut book, The Bunco Club, will have to wade through page after page of hits on Karen DeWitt the Capitol Bureau Chief, journalist, and radio/TV personality before they locate a snippet of anything about me. 

The good news, however, is that my name and I are unquestionably in good company. I can only hope that the “other” Karen DeWitt feels the same.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

So it's been a week...

Publishing a debut novel is a lot like bringing home a newborn. Exhaustion, fear, uncertainty, love, hope, and out-of-control-hormones are at the forefront of every waking moment (which clocks in at about 20 hours a day). All have been equally true for me—except at my age the hormone thing is pretty nonexistent, so let’s just call it emotional ups and downs.  

For the most part I have had supportive responses from family and friends. I am humbled by the people that are truly happy for me as they enthusiastically shared the first days of my “being published” journey. I can never thank them enough for their friendship and kind words. 

But just like having a baby, I’m now committed to being in this publishing thing for the long-haul. When all is said and done, the accomplishment that I hold dear to my heart may not have the end results I’d hoped to achieve, but I am confident that the journey will have been worth it. 

And just as a new mother says after those first seven days with baby… “Looks like we all made it through the first week.”

Monday, April 15, 2013

Goodreads Giveaway

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Bunco Club by Karen  DeWitt

The Bunco Club

by Karen DeWitt

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cyber Mayhem in the Middle of My Big Day

Reality Check (Does anyone even use that phrase anymore?) 

I saw my debut book, The Bunco Club, on sale at Amazon for the first time yesterday, and all I needed to do was click the button on Facebook to post a carefully prepared message informing friends of my late-in-life-6x9-inch-baby. Boom—done. 

So, next I go on my FB wall to check it out—lookin’ pretty good. I scroll down a bit to see what’s happening with everyone else, and then back to the top to admire my post some more…but IT’S GONE! Well, it’s no surprise that a little panic sets in as I immediately think I must have done something wrong. So, I calmly re-post and follow the above steps—check wall, scroll down, scroll up, GONE again! 

After re-posting for the third time and an anxiety filled text sent to my son, he calls and tells me that he can see it on his FB page three times! This is where I start sweating because now I feel like an idiot. He calmly suggests deleting one of the posts. Okay, okay, I say, good idea. Then he tells me, “Take a deep breath, Mom.” (He’s obviously heard that advice a few times from me.) “It’s going to be okay. Give it another shot tomorrow. It’s a marathon and there’s going to be ups and downs along the way.” 

As I close the lid on my laptop and step away from the computer, I feel as though my son and I have just switched places. He’s the adult and I’m the child. 

Apologies to those who had to endure three FB posts from me yesterday and many thanks to Rob for his calm advice and help.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Listed on Amazon

When I thought it couldn't get any more exciting...it just got more exciting!!

I just saw my first book, The Bunco Club, listed on Amazon and I posted an announcement about it to all of my friends on Facebook!  Holy cow! (Uh-oh I seem to be overdoing the exclamation points, but it's just that kind of day!)

What a memorable moment!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Sample Has Arrived

Well, this couldn't be any more exciting!

The sample arrived today for me to proof and as far as I can see it's looking pretty darn good.
At this point, the paperback and Kindle Edition will be for sale through Amazon probably Wednesday or Thursday of this week.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

It's getting close...

By Tuesday at the latest I should have the one and only copy of my book, The Bunco Club, in my hot little hands.

I need to go through the book carefully and "proof" it to make sure everything looks the way I expected. I'm hoping to hit the Publish Button and be live by Tuesday some time.

I admit to being extremely scared.

Friday, April 5, 2013


I'm excited to announce that the upcoming launch of my first novel, The Bunco Club, should happen in just a few short days! The paperback and eBook will be available on Amazon.com. Here's a peek at the cover--