Monday, May 25, 2015

Busy Busy Month of May

My, oh my, it's been a crazy busy month that sadly left me with no time for blogging. Here's my Cliff Notes rundown for those who might be interested:

I turned 65 this May! I celebrated my birthday with no stress and no pictures as I spent the day in my sewing room doing exactly what I wanted! However, a birthday trip to Paducah is in my future when time allows. I slipped right into Mother's Day from my birthday. Our son visited and the three of us had a fun day playing cards together.
Mother's Day scones and flowers from my son, Rob.
Thinking of Mom on Mother's Day
---Look at this beautiful hexie quilt with its unique backing in the Sinnissippi Quilt Guild show on May 2-3.
Cows on Parade, sew unique ... don't you just love the Midwest?
VanGogh's Cow
Mary Lou Moo
This was a fabulous Modern Quilt
---I zipped home Sunday night after the Sinnissippi Show and unpacked my van. Monday morning I  packed up my quilts and headed for Dixon, Illinois, where I spoke to the Petunia City Quilters Guild on May 4.
I think I may soon need a fifth bin for my quilts!
Straight from the LAQ...I opened the box during my talk and shared the excitement with the quild!

---The Decatur Quilter's Guild invited me to speak to their morning and evening guild meetings on May 13th. It was fun to have Abe Lincoln (in a front row seat) join us for the morning lecture!

---The evening lecture followed a delicious catered banquet with these cute potted flowers as favors... note the buttons around the tops of the pots.

---Some quilts I've been working on:
(Please excuse the parallax ... these quilts were on my flannel board and it leans just a bit against the wall, making the photos somewhat distorted.) 
My first "Modern Quilt." It still needs the sashing and borders.
Done and Done! This one will soon be on its way to Heather, my favorite LAQ.
---I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend, and took a few moments to think of those who have served and are currently serving our country.
My father, Whitney DeWitt, WWII
---I'm working on prototypes for a workshop on "Teeny-tiny Pieces" that I'd like to offer to guilds. Here is one example (I'm planning to redo this, but just wanted to share the concept)...more/better photos to follow.

---I'm sure some of you may have seen this on the internet. It cracks me up and I hope you enjoy it too! It is a floor plan for the perfect house: