Sunday, June 30, 2013

Book Club with Hair Debut...Oh, My!

Book Club

I had the honor of meeting a really great group of women Friday night when the Pleasant Prairie [Wisconsin] Book Club gathered to discuss The Bunco Club. My niece, Jennifer Mazzolini, suggested my book to her group last month and then hosted the discussion in her home. Jen prepared many of the recipes from the back of the book as finger food and some of the other women brought appetizers from The Bunco Club recipes.

 Check out that spread of food--YUM!
There were tons of insightful thoughts and questions from everyone and it was a wonderful experience for me to have such an enthusiastic discussion. Thank you Jen for being so thoughtful to choose my book for discussion and thanks to all the delightful new women I met at the monthly meeting of the Pleasant Prairie Book Club.

I just have to include a pic of my nieces, 
Jen and Val, and two of Jen's children, Mac and Niki.
I love my family! they say "Everything old is new again"

 On to THE hair discussion. 

For those of you who have only seen me for the past several years on FB or more recently from the pic on the back of my book you might be wondering -- Who the heck is that in those pictures posted above or what happened to Karen's hair? My hair turned white in my late 30's and when I turned 53 I started coloring it. That was fun for about ten years and then I got tired of paying to have it colored every three weeks (white hair looks really bad when it starts to grow in...very skunk-like). So seven months ago I started to grow it out (pain in the butt) and here I am--my white spiky hair is back! I think I like it but arrrgh...on a bad day I hate it! 

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Monday, June 24, 2013

A Creative Day –- Making a Bar for Rob's 29th Birthday

After getting over the shock that my kid is about to turn 29...I just couldn’t wait to tell you how excited I am that my design for making a cost-friendly bar for Rob's 29th Birthday (August 1) is turning out pretty cool.

Bob and I spent several hours shopping the big box stores for materials and the best prices. While this certainly would not be considered a “high-end” bar, it will VERY much suffice for a 29 year-old guy! 

We are pre-building it in our extremely crowded garage…we already have two sheds in BIG boxes in there that will be our next “home project” and it was tricky finding space to work on a 7½ foot bar. We’ll take sections of it apart and easily (famous last words) reconstruct it in the dining room of Rob's apartment in Des Plaines. It is completely freestanding, can be taken apart when he moves again, and (if it survives) could someday end up in his man-cave in a basement or garage. There’s a lot of storage space and room for a tall mini-fridge.

Under way…

We used three unfinished base kitchen cabinets that we picked up at Home Depot which were on sale for 20% off. At the store I noticed a damaged cabinet that Hubby said he could easily fix so we got that one for an additional 20% off. Heading over to Menard’s we found the rest of the materials and once we got everything home we started the assembly.

Making progress...We put in these six-inch "risers" to get the bar to the optimum height of 42" and add some extra storage space.
It's got a plain almond colord Formica top. Kind of hard to get a picture of it.

This will cover the front side of the bar. It's a warm colored leather look--I know it sounds yucky but it really looks nice.

I’m hopeful the hardest part is behind us at this point and I’ll post pictures of the completed bar once we have it installed in his apartment. He’s going to put a flat-screen TV behind the bar…my guess is that soon Rob will be watching his favorite Chicago teams from his new bar!

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