Monday, August 25, 2014

A Tradition of My Real-Life Bunco Club

As I have stressed many times my books from The Bunco Club Series are FICTION--they are NOT about my Bunco/sewing group, but rather springboard from the decades of friendship we have with each other. This post however IS about my Bunco group of friends.

My real-life Bunco Club and quilting friends of 25ish years have many traditions. The one practice that I particularly love is when one of our children get married, we get together for several quilting bees and make the newlyweds a quilt. We've been working at a fever-pitch to finish a wedding quilt for a shower that was held on Sunday, August 24.

The theme for the wedding is "Alice and Wonderland." We were able to get our hands on A-in-W fabric and modified/redesigned a quilt we saw on line.True to form we never stopped eating, talking, or laughing as the nights wore on. After all these years we are like a family ... sometimes peeved or annoyed with another member, sometimes needing a shoulder or listening ear, sometimes seeking advice or opinions, and sometimes just enjoying the comfort that comes from being near people who know what you're all about. What a wonderful thing friendship is!

In no particular order here are some photos of us hard at work during two evening sessions:

Set up and ready to start. We worked in Bev's fabulous sewing room.
The mother of the groom, Sandy K.
Sandy T. cutting out arcs after the shapes were applied with heat and bond.
Liz explaining something or perhaps telling a story.
Bev and Sharon working on arcs.
Sandy C, Bev, along with the rest of use working on the layout.
Sandy T and Bev showing us a Do-It-Yourself face lift for the camera.
Liz and I "fussy cutting" yards of fabric which would become the focal point of the blocks 
Liz and Sandy K at the food table
Just SOME of our notes for determining the size of the fussy cut fabric!
Liz shows off the backing fabric while Sandy C and I mug for the camera
Sharon being ever so cute!
Putting the rows together
Our own little sweatshop busy at work. It's amazing how fast eight people can get a quilt made when working together!
A quick tutorial from Faye on how to manipulate the seams to make the quilt lay flatter

Sandy K and Dorothy working on their corner of the quilt.


Brisa and Jeff with Sandy K (Jeff's mom) just opened the quilt.

Here we are with the beautiful bride-to-be and her handsome groom.

Another successful wedding quilt made with love by my Bunco Club!
Congratulations to Brisa and Jeff...may you have a long and happy life together.


  1. What a special gift. Made with love and laughter.

    1. Yes, a lot of love for the newlyweds went into this gift! Our hope is that it will remain a treasure to them for their life together.

  2. What a wonderful tradition.


    1. Thank you for your comment, Charlotte--it truly IS a wonderful tradition. And on top of it we have sew much fun making them =)