Thursday, July 10, 2014

Oh, What A Week It's Been!

First Things First 

Old Dog, New Tricks ... that'd be me!

You all know that a little over a week ago I participated in a Kindle Countdown Deal with The Bunco Club. Discounting my book was a decision that I had a difficult time making, but one that I was ultimately happy to have made. It was fun watching my sales and rank climb, and I think I did fairly well considering I had NO IDEA how to market the Big Event. By the end of the third day I had finally figured the ins-and-outs of how to spread the word to a wide audience without continually posting on my Facebook page.

Those three days were adrenaline filled as I learned so many new things...I became the personification of the old dog that is still learning so many new tricks and enjoying the heck out of the experience! This late in life journey has been fun, fun, fun for me!

By the end of the third day on Monday, the 99¢ sale was coming to an end and heading into the $1.99 portion of the sale. A series of severe storms (which later were identified as F1 tornadoes) plowed through the Chicago area and hundreds of thousand of people lost power, cable, phone, and Internet--my hubby and I were among them. It was seven days before our services were fully restored...sadly, I lost the last two and a half days of promoting my book sale due to no Internet! But I'm still happy I did the promotion--I got many new readers, and several new people "Liked" my Facebook Author Page. Win. Win.

Book 3:
I've been making good progress on Book 3. I have about a quarter of the rough draft finished. There's still a long way to go but I'm on a roll! FYI: Book three will feature Marge, The Sarge, and Beth, The Hoarder. I also JUST got an idea for the cover of number 3...pretty excited! Stay tuned...    

Emails and Reviews from Readers:
I am thankful and humble to enjoy emails, Facebook messages, and even phone calls almost daily from readers who have enjoyed my books. I can't even begin to put into words the encouragement these communiques bring me. As an author, it's immensely helpful to receive feedback both personally or posted on Amazon, and I appreciate everyone who has taken the time to write. Amazon reviews are particularly helpful for readers that are considering buying a book. I always ask my readers that if they are comfortable posting a 4 or 5 start review on Amazon to please do so.

Gearing Up for Batavia: 
A week from tomorrow, Thursday, July 17, is setup day for the Threads from Past to Present Quilt Show in Batavia. I'm eager to return to Batavia as a vendor again this year. In 2013, only three months after  The Bunco Club was released, the Batavia show was the first quilt show in which I ever participated. 

One year later I'm heading back to Batavia with many new quilty items for sale...the most important being Quilters of The Bunco Club: Phree & Rosa, Book 2 in The Bunco Club Series. In addition, visitors to my booth will have the option of purchasing a quilt pattern with fabric that I designed, several styles of note cards designed from my artwork, and quilted postcards that I made.

Rocking Horse Baby Quilt or Wall Hanging
New crop of note cards
Quilty Postcards


  1. :( I'm going to miss seeing you in Batavia this year. I'll be in Michigan, playing with vintage sewing machines. Have fun.

  2. Thanks Cheryl--You have a good time in Michigan. Love those vintage machines!