Saturday, June 28, 2014

Never Say Never

Never. That one word comes back to haunt us sometimes, doesn't it?

In April of 2013, when I became an Indie Author, and published my first book I stoically, stubbornly, naively (plug in whichever word works best for you because they are all correct) stated, "I'll never sell my book at a discount."

This is where the 'Never Say Never' part comes in.

After close to a year and a half of healthy vigorous sales for The Bunco Club, the second book in the series released and the third partially in the computer, and having more darn fun than I ever could have imagined, I've learned a few things about independently publishing a book.

No, I wouldn't have done anything different.
Self publishing was 100% the right choice for me. But in order for Amazon to sit up and take notice, it has become almost essential to discount or give away my book at some point. If Amazon sees fast numbers...then they will look at the author. So in an attempt to boost my numbers in a short period of time--I've made the decision to discount the Kindle Edition of my first book.
NOTE: The discount does NOT apply to the paperback or the audio versions.

So while I'm a little apprehensive, I'm also very excited. I love the fact that at my age I've been able to achieve this wonderful dream of writing books and actively making decisions that affect their potential success.

Wish me luck and hope that Amazon doesn't bury my title behind too many others =) At this point, I've already clicked the "publish" button and there's no turning back!

Click to see The Bunco Club Discount

The Bunco Club, the first book in The Bunco Club Series (women’s fiction) will be listed in Amazon's Kindle Countdown Deals starting today, Saturday, June 28.
It will cost 99¢ on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.
On Tuesday, the price will go up to $1.99.
On Wednesday, the price will be $2.99.
On Thursday, July 3, The Bunco Club will return to its normal price of $5.99.

With the 3rd book slated to be out by late fall (fingers crossed) this is a good opportunity to start reading the popular series. 

It is VERY easy to give a Kindle book as a gift:
Awwww, come on, admit it ...  wouldn't it be nice (and inexpensive) to surprise someone with the 
Kindle Edition of The Bunco Club!  
When you get to the site, on the right-hand side of the screen you'll see the little green box below.
You can either buy for yourself or click the "Give as a Gift" Button. (You can also do both, but I think it would take separate transactions). I believe you need to know the email address of the person you want to give the book to.

Awwww, come on, wouldn't it be nice (and inexpensive) to surprise someone with the 
Kindle Edition of The Bunco Club!  

Don't have a worries.  
The Kindle app is free and can quickly be downloaded to your Smart Phone, tablet, or computer.
BAM! Problem solved.

So for the next few days, please excuse my blatant and non-stop marketing attempts on the social media sites. ...I'm desperately trying to make this promotion work!


  1. I just downloaded it to my phone. I now have a total of 3 books on my phone (no kindle, etc). Now I'll have another book to read while waiting in line, etc. Good luck with your book sales for all the books. I'll miss you at the Batavia quilt show this year (I'll be in Michigan, playing with vintage sewing machines).

  2. Thanks for the download, Cheryl--I hope you enjoy the book! Let me know. I was hoping to see you in Batavia again this year. Have fun in Michigan, I'm sure we'll run into each other again soon =)