Monday, January 27, 2014

A New Look!

While we're all stuck indoors with yet more sub-zero temps, I decided to do a little light housework on my blog.

When I started this blog approximately nine months ago, I admit to being ignorant about blogs and blogging. I was more than a little worried about what the heck I'd write about so often, and even more concerned about why in the world anyone would want to read it! I feared it would become a chore rather than something fun. As it turns out, all of my fretting was unnecessary, and I'm in love with blogging! I am also humbled by the number of people who read my posts--thank you all for your kindness.

Checking my stats, I see that in the past nine months I have posted 72 times, an average of twice a week (not bad for someone who thought she had nothing to say!). If you've followed my posts, you probably know by now that I'm a very visual person -- in other words, I love to post photos and images. I want people to step inside my blog and not feel like they are stuck there forever with long wordy posts. You can take a quick peek at some pics, read a little nugget, and move along smartly back to whatever you were doing.

Anyway, CHANGES:
I've changed the tabs at the top of the page, putting Cool Quilting/Fiber Tips and Ideas first. This is where I put fun little tidbits about quilting, knitting, sewing, crafting, etc that I run across (many with links to tutorials). So, if you're into those types of things, remember to check it often for updates.

I've consolidated some tabs and eliminated others. I also added a new tab that I'm pretty darn excited about: Patterns / Fabric / Art by Karen. At this point, not only is the page "under construction" so are the patterns, fabric, and art! I'm hoping to start putting information up soon about these additional creations.

So, now I must get back to working on book two in the series titled, Quilters of the Bunco Club. And I'm sure you all have things to get back to as staying warm! As always, thanks for looking, and here are my visuals for this post:

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