Thursday, January 2, 2014

Things Are Moving Along for THE BUNCO CLUB in 2014

Late in the evening when the Hub and I finally settle down to watch a little TV, I usually spend time on the computer doing some research, emailing, posting, blogging, organizing photos, scheduling events, etc. Last night I spent hours going over several listings of Quilt Guild shows for 2014 in Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan, and choosing those where I'd like to participate with a vendor's booth. I emailed many guilds, and will phone others today in an attempt to fill some holes in my calendar.

This January I've been invited to attend the Mother's Club Bunco Night at Mount Carmel High School in Chicago. I'll be selling and signing my book as well as playing Bunco with 100+ ladies (and some men)! At this point I also have two library lectures lined up, vendor booths at several quilt shows that are already confirmed, and guild talks/trunk shows.
(BTW: if anyone knows of a guild looking for a speaker, please contact me).

Bill Moller of WGN Radio, 720am, will be interviewing me in the WGN Studios on Sunday, February 23, at 2:10 pm. Yep, I'm pretty pumped about this one!!

As I mentioned in a previous post, the digital Audiobook of The Bunco Club will be available early this year. I've heard and approved about half of the book so far, and, let me just say, the narrator, Kymbery Dakin, is incredible!

And finally, book two in The Bunco Club Series, Quilters of the Bunco Club: Phree and Rosa is well under way. I'm probably being overly optimistic thinking it will be finished and published within the first three months of 2014, but that is still my goal.

As events are confirmed, I will continue to post them on this blog under the Events tab.

To all you quilters and fiber peeps, remember to check the Cool Quilting/Fiber Tips tab, where I post pics (usually with links) of things to make.

Happy 2014 to everyone who takes the time to read my blog. I love you all!!

One more thing...because I'm such a visual person, I want to leave you with this inspirational photo. I believe this was taken during the Great Depression. Isn't this a sweet and wonderful shot of a couple sharing a "quilting" moment? Wouldn't you love to have had that beautiful applique handed down to you? I love her Musselman's box of scraps, the way her husband's hands are clasped, and how he is so intently studying his wife's layout and choices (NO...I don't think he's dozing off!). Also compare the weathered wood of the house to the newer wood of the porch...and finally the path to what is probably the outhouse! Okay, okay, I'll stop dissecting this image--my years of art history just bubbled to the surface =) Anyway, I hope you enjoy this sweet and inspirational image as much as I do.

I don't know whom to credit this picture with, but isn't it wonderful?!! I'd like to write a book using this photo as insipration.

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