Saturday, November 23, 2013

An Evening at Mt. Carmel

The Jingle and Mingle Market at Mt. Carmel this past Thursday, where I was selling, signing, and talking up The Bunco Club, was a bit of a walk down memory lane for me. Ten years ago my son graduated high school from there. For the four years that Rob went to Mt. Carmel, I was a very involved Mom, and had the pleasure of meeting many, many other Moms that were equally involved in their sons education. Happily, several familiar faces were at the Jingle Mingle and we had fun reconnecting.

I was able to snag a few of them for photos, but missed the Kodak Moment opportunity with so many other wonderful Alumni Moms.
Mary and Erin
Lori, Lu, and Marcie
Overview of the Market from my booth in the gym

MC Mother's Club still doesn't do anything without a lot of food and wine! Another friend and Alumni Mom, Mary, is in this photo--wish I knew how to add an arrow pointing to her.
Sales of The Bunco Club were quite brisk during the three hours of the Market, and the networking was remarkable. If everything works out and comes through, I'll be doing a book talk/sales/reading at the Evergreen Park Library sometime in Jan/Feb (they already have Jennifer Chiaverini and Lisa Gardner scheduled sometime in those months, too!); the Mt. Carmel Bunco Night on Friday, January 24; and appearances at about 4-5 book clubs.

NOTE: If you have never been to a Bunco fundraiser and want to experience a fun/wild night, the Mt. Carmel Bunco Night is a must!

Thanks to all who purchased a book or chatted with me at the Jingle Mingle. It's always fun to go back to 64th and Dante and see familiar smiling faces.

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