Wednesday, May 1, 2013


That's What I'm Talking About!


Yesterday in Chicagoland we had our first 80+ degree day this year and after spending all day at the computer "Marketing" my book I had a hankering for some scones. By 5pm I just had to do it! 

I have perfected the making of this recipe to the point where I can have buttery-melt-in-your-mouth scones and the kitchen clean-up done in 30-40 minutes. The Hubster (aka Bob) comes home about 7pm and I was planning one of our favorite (VERY easy and fast) Crushed Crouton Encrusted Pork Chops with a garlic/spinach/thin spaghetti hour from start to finish--max.

By the time my scones and pork chops were baked, the temperature in my kitchen had to be at least a million degrees...but I didn't care. I knew that after dinner I would snag two of the blueberry studded beauties, head to my spot on the couch, and melt into a near coma from the luscious taste sensation.

When I prepare scones for my Bunco group I usually serve them with any flavor of jam and firm whipped cream that is about one second shy of turning into butter. But when I make them for myself (which I admit to doing often) I enjoy them most without the toppings. Scones are at their best when homemade and fresh--buttery, light, and with a hint of sweetness.

In The Bunco Club the character of Helen has the perfect "light touch" for scone making and the rest of the women don't even attempt to duplicate her treats. I have included her (our) recipe in the back of the book.

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