Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Birthday Queen

Sewing Time

My birthday is in the month of May and, of course, so is Mother's Day. Every few years the two days collide and fall on exactly the same day. While this year that didn't happen, I still managed to cash-in on a lot of bang-for-my-birthday-buck. This means the Birthday / Mother's Day Queen stretched out those two special days into five days of Royal Queenship.

Since my newly published book, The Bunco Club, has been taking up a lot of time marketing/promoting/tweeting I chose to do something wonderful and comforting for those special days...I ignored my computer (for the most part) and sat behind my beloved Bernina sewing machine piecing together a 1930s reproduction quilt.

What I learned (or should I say re-learned) is that doing something you love is time well spent. I tend to get so wrapped up "in the moment" that down-time often takes a backseat. While I have thoroughly enjoyed the after-publishing challenges my book has created, sometimes my batteries need recharging and my brain needs a good mental cleansing.

I have to, force myself to make a teeny bit of time every few days to plug in to one of the many things that will help to sort out the brain clutter.

...And then it's off to the races with a fresh new approach!

The pattern is Aunt Grace Circle of Friends. I used mostly fabric from my stash. I've got a long way to go but I'm getting there.


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