Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fun Night at the Bunco Party Book Signing

The Evergreen Park Public Library knows how to throw a Bunco Party / Book Signing! Thanks to everyone involved for a memorable evening.

Greeting the Bunco Players as they arrive
Signing Books

Happy Readers. Happy Author.

Snacks at every table.

Before the players arrive.

It was a full house!

What the heck was I looking at?!

Good friend Sandy showed up to support me and to join in the fun.
Winner Judi and loser Marty left with a haul!

With EP Library Board Member.
What a wild and fun evening! Thanks to the Evergreen Park Library and everyone who attended the Bunco / Signing event.


  1. I was in a Bunco group back in Tulsa (that's why I was interested in your book). I haven't played in over a decade now. :(

  2. Awww, that's too bad, Cheryl. Maybe you could start a group =)