Monday, April 14, 2014

A Weekend Visit to Marshall, Illinois

The Bunco Club Series brought me three hours south of my Chicagoland home this past weekend when I had two events scheduled in Marshall, Illinois. Marshall is mid-state and just west of Terre Haute, Indiana. It was the perfect spring day for a road trip!

On Saturday I presented a book talk at the Marshall Public Library. Marshall reminded me of my hometown when I was young...before it was swallowed up by the ever-growing suburbs of Chicago.
The Marshall Public Library was wonderful inside an out!
With Sue Guillemette in front of the library. Sue spent a lot of time and had a lot of faith in me when she set up the events of the weekend!
With Edie, library personnel extraordinaire, who saw that everything ran smoothly on Saturday.
Signing and chatting with some of the attendees at the library talk.

Sunday afternoon The National Road Quilters Guild of Marshall hosted me for a guild talk and trunk show of my quilts. I've got a lot of pictures, so I'll just get started.....

The Guild had a "blue jean challenge" and the women brought anything they had made from old blue jeans. I think I loved each item displayed on the tables--but I'll limit the pics to these two pieces.
This tote is unbelievable! The body was made from woven jean strips. Not sure if the quilter made this up or if there is an actual pattern, but I would LOVE to know the name of the pattern if there is one.
Jeans pocket potholder!! (back)
Jeans pocket potholder!! (front)

I didn't get a picture of this, but someone even took a long side seam from a pair of jeans, rolled it up tight, and made a trivet! There are Clever Clever Quilters in Marshall =)

All set up and wetting my whistle before the talk begins.
Telling the guild about my creative journey .... Look at that pile of quilts!
The Trunk Show Begins ... 26 Quilts in All
Fat Quarter Fun
The Thread That Binds -- named after and featured in the one person show of my artwork and quilts at the Christopher Art Gallery.
Feedsack Patches
Thimbleberries, Lazy Crazy Quilt. The one on the left is a friend's quilt that started on fire when a candle in a glass holder exploded (kind of hard to see in this pic). Even though my book is completely made up, I added this little tidbit as a warning to quilters to be careful with candles around their quilts.
Orange Peel Quilt

Bear Down Chicago Bears

Kitchen Tiles
Garden Gate, by Edyta Sitar
Daybreak by Edyta Sitar.
Roman Stripes
Bull's Eye
Grandma's Scrap Bag
Grandmother's Flower Garden
Wind Farm
Lessons from Mama
Monterrey Medallions
Pinwheels and Ribbons
Dutch Treat
Egg Money Quilt, by Eleanor Burns
OMG Quilt
Gathering Basket
60's Quilt (shown sideways because it's so darn long)
Aunt Grace Circle of Friends
I feel I am just about the luckiest person in the world to be able to spend so much time with so many quilters. I just doesn't get any better!
Thank you Sue Guillemette and the National Road Quilters Guild of Marshall, Illinois, for inviting me to share my story with you. It was a memorable experience and I am blessed to have met you.


  1. We all enjoyed your talk and quilts you showed us. Thanks for such a great program!

  2. Cathy--
    Thank you for the kind words! It truly was my pleasure to meet all the wonderful women in your guild.

  3. Karen...what beautiful, beautiful work. I am going to share your website on our FB page!

  4. Thank you Hawk Valley Retreat--I appreciate the Share! Do you ever sponsor Quilt Retreats?

  5. Looks like you had fun. Lots of great quilts.

    1. Cheryl, It was a fun day, and I met so many great ladies! I had a blast doing the trunk show, too.

  6. Karen, I have read both of your books and wait for the next one in the series! Loved them both! Enjoy your blog, too!

    1. Thanks Theresa--how nice of you to let me know! I'm glad you enjoyed the books, and I'm hopeful to have Book 3 out by late fall.
      Thanks again, Karen