Thursday, March 27, 2014

Coming "Clean" ...the Truth About My Sewing Room

I woke up this morning and thought, "I'd like to post about my sewing room, but it's such a mess." I don't have the time (nor do I want to take the time) to straighten up my little haven for visitors--even if they are just 'virtual' visitors. Chewing on this thought for a while I became aware that in my quilters mind (you know, where I'm wearing blinders), my sewing area is always perfect and pristine. Sadly, as I walk through the door to tackle a project or locate some sewing-related-must-have-at-this-minute geegaw, I'm always stunned by the ...well, let's be nice the lack of organization that greets me.

So what to do? Make a mental note (and let's be honest, I'll forget in about ten minutes) that next time my sewing room is clean I need to take pictures for a blog post--or do I do something brave and daring? Do I march in there and take photos of a room that is well-used, or to be nice,"lived in"? Yeah, that works for me.

Here is the way I think my sewing room looks all the time, the way I envision it before I walk through the door:
Notice there is NOTHING on the "Big Board" other than the iron and also nothing out of place on the counter tops. The Sewing table itself is uncluttered except for a few necessary items (like the Bernina).
In the following video, I think I called this, "A nice place to sit and read."

Compare the above pics to today's reality:
I think the drying rack in the corner is a nice touch, don't you? And just where are those clean counter tops hiding?

Ha--There will be NO sitting and reading on this sofa!

When we moved to our home about 10 years ago, I claimed the master bedroom for my stitching haven and scrapbook/crafting area. I found this video from when my hubby and I revamped the room in the fall of 2010...adding cabinets and counters. Notice how incredibly clean everything didn't last very long!

More shots of my gently used room. In my defense, I am getting ready for a guild talk and trunk show, along with working on my own patterns--there's a lot going on right now in my special room.
Finishing bindings and stacking up quilts for a trunk show.

I LOVE my Big Board and I made it a little wider than most.

The "rats nest" in the corner of my table where I toss scraps, chunks, and bits. Lately I'm never far from a ready supply of caramel/cheese corn--notice the bowl on the table!

The sofa is a perfect place for fabric to 'rest.'

I labeled the drawers with these color coded labels. I easily know which drawer has what color fabric in it.

My mustachioed baby.

I designed the Big Board with some cheap-o tables on rollers from a Big-Box store. I can roll it around wherever I need it. Love it.

Looking across the room to the scrap-booking area.

Nice big cabinet that had been slightly bruised. I got it at a great price.

Organized fabric and kits lurk inside the upper cabinets waiting to see the light of day.

Button storage
Whether we hole-up in the corner of a shared family room, or stake our claim on the dining room table, or have the luxury of a dedicated room, our sewing spaces are our sanctuary, our haven, our cocoon which buffers us from the busy world in which we live. I hope you enjoyed the tour of my sewing space...with and without the clutter. Maybe I'll clean it up today--nah, no point in that!
Happy sewing.


  1. I like it both ways - one is fancy and the other is loved!

    I didn't realize you had moved from PF!

    1. Thanks Kathy. We're still in PF. Left the co-ops 10 years ago and moved to a house. Love it. k

  2. Sew much space! I'm just now taking over my son's room. Most of his stuff is still in there (and will be for a while).

  3. Thanks Cheryl-- It IS a lot of space and I love every inch of it! I hope the complete transition from your son's room into your sewing room goes faster than you think =) Good luck.