Sunday, February 23, 2014

WGN Radio Interview

Wow--what a fun day! 

I was interviewed Sunday, February 23, by Bill Moller and Steve Dale at the WGN Radio 720 AM Studio in Chicago. We talked about art, writing, quilting, and my novel The Bunco Club. After the interview was over, I met Glen Kozlowski of the Chicago Bears (1986-92), who was the next radio host after Bill.

I'll get right to the pictures!!
 Click the link below to listen to the Podcast.

My sister, Helen (aka Nolly) joined me for the day. Once we got inside the Tribune Tower building, our first stop was the Green Room...and yes, there was a lot of food in there!
Nolly lounging in the Green Room.
Just outside of the Green Room is the door to the studio.
The fun begins!

My view of Bill during the interview.

Waving at people on Michigan Avenue who were waving at us!

Chatting it up with Bill Moller and Steve Dale.

Break time during a commercial.
With Bill Moller after the interview.

With Glen Kozlowski

Beautiful art deco elevator doors.
Thank you Bill Moller for inviting me to your show today. It was a fun and memorable day!


  1. What a phenomenal experience! So exciting, and what a wonderful day to spend a Saturday talking about your passion!

  2. Thanks Judy--it was a day, and one I will remember for a long time!!