Sunday, February 9, 2014

Our 60's Room Inspired by The Beatles...50 Years Ago Today

February 9, 1964.
Ah yes, I can still feel the excitement of my fourteen year-old heart pulsing to the beat of She Love You by The Beatles.  ...And my God, the way they shook that "long" hair of theirs!

Fast forward 50 years, and I'm grateful that my heart is still beating at all! Over the years, my hubby and I have had fun reminiscing and commemorating the 60's era by building a little shrine of sorts that we call The 60's Room. This seemed like the perfect day to blog about it.

Turn up the volume on a Beatles tune, and take a walk down Memory Lane with us. Enjoy!
There they are...that's where it all started. The Beatles.
Close up of the pink AM radio, lava lamp, and my old "surfer" necklace. A modern day, but dare I say appropriately placed, Peace Beanie Baby.

Flower Power & Peace Sign quilt I designed and made to compliment the room. Rotary phone still works.

Framed Album Covers

Warhol-esq piece I did of my son
Complete collection of the six original Woodstock tickets

Close up of half the Woodstock tickets

More Framed Album Covers

How's this for a serious radio? It still works, but it's huge!

Don't you love the Jetson-style coffee carafe? Memba those plastic ashtrays--back when everyone smoked. And that's a vintage 60's cassette tape recorder!

(Sorry about the glare.) These are original Fillmore West handbills.

The Beatles on Time Magazine, 1967.

July 18, 1969

July 25, 1969
Hope you enjoyed seeing our 60's room.

Many thanks to The Beatles for all of the endless joy they gave us.


  1. Thank Karen! Cool and Groovy! I have that same clock radio in the first photo, it woke me up many mornings for work for years

    1. That's so weird that you would have the same clock radio! This one belonged to my aunt. When she passed away a few years ago, everyone in the family thought it would be perfect for the 60's room, and they were right!