Friday, December 20, 2013

Ummm...Well, Duh...Look What Happened to Me!

Sometime late Wednesday evening (we have pinpointed the time at approximately 7:50) this is what we think happened:

I had made dinner (don't remember) and I must have gone to the bathroom and slipped on my comfy stretch pants (don't remember). I came steaming around the peninsula in my dining room/kitchen and ran into / stepped on a brown-paper grocery bag that I had (apparently) just emptied but not folded up (don't remember). I fell backwards, and must have broken my fall when the back of my head hit the counter top (don't remember) and ended up with a noggin that was swollen the size of a grapefruit. 

My hubby came home from work about 8:10 that evening (this is our busy season at Frame Masters--our custom picture framing business). He told me that I was perched on a dining room chair, clutching the land-line phone. When he came inside, we sat on the couch holding hands while Bob tried to sort out what had happened, and I kept repeating myself and asking the same questions over and over...Scary, right?

Bob phoned his sister, Lynn (nurse extraordinaire) for advice, they packed me up, and drove me to the hospital (don't remember a thing!). They tell me there were countless tests, and MANY additional questions from me that circled around and around, and that I asked over and over and over (don't remember).

The "fog" began to lift about 3am the next morning when the pieces finally began to make sense. It was a slow process that took another 36 hours before the hospital would discharge me. YIPPEE, I'M HOME!

Cat-Scan showed no bleeding of the brain, no broken skull.
Diagnosis: Concussion and whiplash.
Blessedly, I am doing well, and in a few days I'm sure I'll be as good as new. It's doubtful I'll ever remember those ten hours, but I'm not too concerned over that.
My view for the past two days.

VERY happy to be going home! Flowers from Bob, balloons from my guys!

 The hospital doctors, nurses, and staff of Franciscan St. James Health in Olympia Fields, Illinois were incredible. Thanks to everyone who pulled me from the black-hole of my brain and back into the real world...especially my hubby, Bob.


  1. I hope you feel better! Take it easy and relax during your healing time!

    1. Thanks Judy. Doing soooo much better. I hope we meet up again at a quilt show one of these days =)
      Have a Happy New Year!