Wednesday, April 17, 2013

So it's been a week...

Publishing a debut novel is a lot like bringing home a newborn. Exhaustion, fear, uncertainty, love, hope, and out-of-control-hormones are at the forefront of every waking moment (which clocks in at about 20 hours a day). All have been equally true for me—except at my age the hormone thing is pretty nonexistent, so let’s just call it emotional ups and downs.  

For the most part I have had supportive responses from family and friends. I am humbled by the people that are truly happy for me as they enthusiastically shared the first days of my “being published” journey. I can never thank them enough for their friendship and kind words. 

But just like having a baby, I’m now committed to being in this publishing thing for the long-haul. When all is said and done, the accomplishment that I hold dear to my heart may not have the end results I’d hoped to achieve, but I am confident that the journey will have been worth it. 

And just as a new mother says after those first seven days with baby… “Looks like we all made it through the first week.”

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