Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cyber Mayhem in the Middle of My Big Day

Reality Check (Does anyone even use that phrase anymore?) 

I saw my debut book, The Bunco Club, on sale at Amazon for the first time yesterday, and all I needed to do was click the button on Facebook to post a carefully prepared message informing friends of my late-in-life-6x9-inch-baby. Boom—done. 

So, next I go on my FB wall to check it out—lookin’ pretty good. I scroll down a bit to see what’s happening with everyone else, and then back to the top to admire my post some more…but IT’S GONE! Well, it’s no surprise that a little panic sets in as I immediately think I must have done something wrong. So, I calmly re-post and follow the above steps—check wall, scroll down, scroll up, GONE again! 

After re-posting for the third time and an anxiety filled text sent to my son, he calls and tells me that he can see it on his FB page three times! This is where I start sweating because now I feel like an idiot. He calmly suggests deleting one of the posts. Okay, okay, I say, good idea. Then he tells me, “Take a deep breath, Mom.” (He’s obviously heard that advice a few times from me.) “It’s going to be okay. Give it another shot tomorrow. It’s a marathon and there’s going to be ups and downs along the way.” 

As I close the lid on my laptop and step away from the computer, I feel as though my son and I have just switched places. He’s the adult and I’m the child. 

Apologies to those who had to endure three FB posts from me yesterday and many thanks to Rob for his calm advice and help.

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