Saturday, April 4, 2015

My Review of Rosemont...Better Late Than Never!

International Quilt Festival -- a.k.a. Rosemont 2015

The Red & White Exhibit at the Quilt Festival was probably the most powerful quilt installation I have ever seen. The unexpected towering height, coupled with the repetitive red and white colors, and the drama of a black ceiling made for a total environmental experience.


My peeps, Sandy (orange scarf), Glenna (purple top), and I with Mary (far left) from Custom Quilts Unlimited, Fennville, Michigan.
Sew proud of my friend Kathy Mathews whose quilt was selected to be shown in the exhibit. Kathy is an exceptional quilter with a great sense of humor.  Check out Kathy's Blog at

Detail of exquisite quilting
Two "Dear Jane" Quilts. Both uniquely wonderful!

My recent gout attack had left me wondering how in the world I was going to walk through the show for hours upon hours. A transport wheelchair was just the ticket! Between intermittently walking behind it holding on for balance (and dear life!) and my two good buds willing to push me most of the day, I was thankfully able to see the whole show!
Goodbye Rosemont...till Next Year
Loaded down and heading home! I don't know how Sandy was able to push me AND a good portion of our purchases (tote bags hooked over the handles) down that long and winding passageway.
As always, the Rosemont show did not disappoint. Over a week later I'm still basking in the magical experience and the fun memories I made with two good friends who were willing to help me out.  Thanks Sandy and Glenna...I truly could not have done this without the two of you.