Monday, April 27, 2015

How to Rip a Seam FAST!

Several months ago I learned a life changing sewing truth. Life changing in the event that it's a real time saver for those of us who love to sew. I've been using this technique since then, and after the conclusion of my trial period I am happy...oh, sew very happy to endorse this method of seam ripping.

I couldn't wait to share what I learned, so my hubby agreed to man the cell phone video camera while I demonstrated and chatted about the technique. Is this video perfect...not really, but it gets the information across and as I like to think...if this video helps even one frustrated person who loves to sew but hates to rip...then I have succeeded in my attempt! We may upgrade it at some point, but for now here is our best attempt to spread the word to my wonderful blog followers.

I hope you all think this is as cool as I do. Next time you use this technique think of me and have a ripping good time!


  1. Great tip. Will share it with my quilting friends on Tuesday when we meet.

    Thanks, Charlotte

    1. Thanks Charlotte--I hope this little tip saves you some valuable quilting time! Karen