Monday, September 23, 2013

B. A. Q. S. Fall Quilt Camp, 2013

As promised a few photos and stories from Quilt Camp.

The theme for this fall was "Black and White". The electricity even cooperated with the theme, as  Saturday night the room went completely dark. Luckily, the emergency lights kicked on because we are truly in the middle of nowhere. Within about an hour the management had generators up and running, but none of us trusted plugging our expensive computerized machines into the fluctuating current of a generator! By 2 a.m. we were back to the regular electrical service. We heard it was a widespread outage affecting many of the surrounding towns, but we never heard what caused the problem.

My group takes a turn in the kitchen:
Our turn on KP Duty (Friday Lunch) -- Faye, Me, Sandy T, Chef Sandy, Ruth

Quilt tops:
This is a 30s reproduction quilt I've been working on called Aunt Grace's Circle of Friends. I finished the center and attached one of the many borders. I'm getting close to finishing, but still have plenty of work to do on it.

Marge won these blocks on our bus trip last year and made this basket quilt.

Geri's "hand work"

Kathy showing her finished top.

A baby quilt that Moe made

Just Having Fun!
I was part of the Chain Gang for the Black-&-White theme. We surprised everyone by dancing into the room to Sam Cooke's "Working on the Chain Gang". We were dressed in black and white striped prison outfits complete with hats and our own ball and chain. Mustaches were handed out to everyone. L-R: Kathy, Me, Sandy T, Caryle, Alice, Sandy C

Jail Birds just hanging out

Geri, Linda, and Bev served dinner to Michael Jackson's song, "Black and White"

Sisters Moe and Geri had the coolest black gloves with silver fingernails...where do they find this stuff?

Some people prefer their mustaches upside down!

Kathy's was feeling sad and lonely as her side of the room was deserted.

Our side of the room was crazy busy with worker bees!

The Kitchen:
We are so lucky and spoiled to have Chef Sandy cook three meals a day for us. She is the Best Chef EVER and we all LOVE her! She even made these cute little water bottle dress-ups for everyone.

Saturday dinner menu
Chef Sandy preparing her camp favorite, Oatmeal Pancakes--YUM!!

Ooopsie--veggies take a tumble coming out of the oven. Never fear, Chef Sandy had Plan B up her sleeve and we were up and running with a fresh batch immediately!

More quilts:
I love this happy quilt Moe made. We decided it would make a nice table cloth for a kitchen...very cheery.

Faye finished her beauty--a Civil War reproduction quilt
Moe's red and white quilt top

Overview of camp:
BAQS group photo ~ Fall 2013 ~ Theme: Black and White
Eating, laughing, quilting, sharing, feeling productive, and enjoying ourselves!
Outside view of the lodge where we stay.

What can I say? It takes a lot of power to make our beautiful quilts!

A lovely Michigan sunset
I hope you enjoyed my recap of quilt camp! As always, thanks for looking =)


  1. I look forward to any showcase of my cousin's talented "art of quiltmaking"....the photos tell the story of a great group, having a great thanks to the photographer/author...Karen DeWitt

  2. Beth--
    How nice of you to take the time to comment. Yes, your cousins are amazing! We all have so much fun at quilt camp =)
    Thanks again,