Fun Quilting Tips & Ideas


This is a wonderfully versatile pattern and a good one for those who love a "Leaders and Enders" project quilt. Check out this page for the tutorial and to see endless possibilities: FILM AT FIVE. 

Of course, I felt compelled to put my own spin on this beauty! I have the first of four rows finished... this could easily be turned into any favorite sports team (professional, college, or high school!).

Egg Shaped Potholders! Free pattern & tute, aren't they cute?
I read that one person turned them into footballs! You could use football-ish fabric and/or team colors. Enjoy.

 Quick, Easy, & Fun...Here's a Scrappy Baby Quilt Tutorial from Cluck Cluck Sew

Click here for the tutorial: Strip and Flip Baby Quilt


Like Hexies? 

Here's a tute for a sweet little coin pouch you can make: See Kate Sew

This is a fun upscale idea...Plastic Bottle Zipper Container

Make this container from two water bottles! Tutorial here: Zipper Container

Make these cute Dino Tails:

Spark imagination for little ones with this fun idea! Tutorial Here

Molly Flanders Makerie shows a great way to make HST ~ Click here

Could these crocheted baby flip-flops be any cuter?

Free written pattern or video tutorial here: Baby Flip-Flops

How About These Easy to Make Scissor Cases?

Scissor case tutorial: Minki's Work Table

Keep Those Packets of Sewing Machine Needles Together ~ 

~ with this wonderful case. 
Tutorial:  Needle Case

Build a Cutting Table

I know I can't be the only quilter who loves to build things...yeah, I mean with circular saws and wood! Or perhaps you've got a hubby or friend itching to build you something. This looks pretty impressive and do-able. 
Check out the instructions here: Cutting Table

Quilted Sewing Machine Cover - Tutorial 

Uses 5" squares or Charm pack ~ Free toot here


My New Toy for Pressing / Ironing!

The Strip Stick!

HEXIES ~ Just Sayin' ...

Hexies seem to be the hottest thing right now and I was wishing I could join in the craze. So for those of us with a hankerin' for hexies but are unable to do handwork for one reason or another, what do you think of this idea? Machine sewn hexies! This looks very do-able. Sew excited--I'M IN! 
Link to Machine Sew Hexies

Hexie Love

Disappearing Nine-Patch

Oh my, how did this get in here?

I LOVE Coconut Creme Pie and this looks like a dilly of a recipe ~

Here are instructions for a fabulous Quilting Ladder 

This was posted on Facebook by Marsha Day and she gave me permission to share...Thanks Marsha! If you've been looking for a Quilt Ladder and are talented at building things (or have a family member who is) these instructions might be just what you've been looking for. It looks like a beauty!


 This Video Shows How to Sew a Drunkard's Path Curve

The video is short (1:17 minutes) but she makes it look so easy and perfectly done. Check it out:


Sew a Circle Easily!

This is a great idea and I'm guessing it will work nicely. If you try it, let me know the results.

More Slippers ... YAY! 

I saw this pattern for slippers a few weeks ago on a quilting page and I had to have the pattern. I can't wait to make them!  30's fabric? Batiks? A wonderfully coordinated Moda Jelly roll? ...stay tuned. If you love them as much as I do, check out designer Gerri Richards' website and Facebook page for more info. She also has a pattern for men's sizes.

Whaddya think about single fold binding? Here's a tutorial...

This is MAJOR awesome and it works perfectly!

I am using this on the bottom of my rulers and it works better than anything I have tried. It is simply transparent first aid tape that you place around the edges on the bottom of your ruler. It grips great and I like it so much better than sandpaper dots or those plastic bumpers. Give it a try:

A Must Have...

Pedicure toe separator as bobbin holder

Oh, Yeah--I gotta make one of these!

Embroidered Wallet for Cell Phone & Cards tutorial -- Click Here 

 Attention Knitters / Crocheters...Wow--Great idea!

Use one of those standing toilet paper holders to keep your yarn from tangling as you knit or crochet.


Take a look at this cute kaleidoscope quilt ...

Free tutorial from Red Pepper Quilts -- click here



Such a simple solution to keep those wandering snips at your fingertips!


Pretty Freebie PDF

This looks quick, rather easy, and best of all FREE from The Noble Wife.
Click HERE for PDF Pattern For Ella's Sister

Are You a Hand-Stitcher While Riding in the Car?

Check out this easy way to keep your supplies handy and all in one place while stitchin' in the car on a road trip. It looks like one of those suction cup soap holder for the sink attached to the car window.

Bonnie Hunter is the BEST!

A free scrappy pattern from Bonnie: STRIP TWIST  

Printed and filed away. Can't wait to make this!

Free PDF File for this Pretty Pansy Quilt

Most of you know I'm a HUGE fan of 1930's reproduction fabric/quilts. I think this is charming and probably, NO, not probably...I DO, have enough 30's fabric in my stash to make my own jelly roll strips for this quilt. Batiks would be lovely, too. I've already printed out the pattern ~ So pretty! 
Click here for the Free PDF File

This is stunning...Millionaire's Afghan

Since knitting, unfortunately, isn't going very well for me with my clunky "MS Hands", a friend pointed out that crocheting might work better for me (I know the basic chain stitch). This is so beautiful, I'd like to think that someday I might try to tackle it. Check out the link for the free pattern: Millionaire's Afghan

Isn't Terry Atkinson Great!? 

One of my favorite quilts that I made was designed by her, and when it's on my bed it looks so pretty and happy! Here's a cool little woven basket she made, along with a picture tutorial on how to make it. 
Check it out:  Woven Basket

 Am I the Only One Confused by Sewing Machine Needles?


This is helpful information to know.


One More Cool Item for Today--I could see making one of these Lumberjack Hats just for shoveling snow!!

Even though this is a photo of a baby with the hat (which is darn cute), the free pattern states that it fits both children and adults. 
You'll need to go to this page for instructions: Lumberjack Hat Instructions and then click on the PDF File to download and print the free pattern.
Have fun and stay warm!
Lumberjack Hat--think of the fun fabric possibilities

This is a Keeper for All Quilters out there

Step by step instructions for making 8 half-sqaure triangles all at once:  The Magic 8
The Magic 8...quick and easy tutorial

Cute Mega-pinnie with PDF Instruction Link:

By © Sheila Donnachie from Blue Patch Quilter in the UK.
What a nice gift for a quilter friend, or even for yourself!
Printable instructions:  Mega-pinnie


Cute embellishment ideas


I barely know how to crochet (basic stitch only) but I'd sure like to have a pair of these. My office is so cold, I use a raggedy pair of gloves with the fingers cut off to keep my hands warm. These would be so much more cheerful and inspiring when I'm writing!

There's a wonderful picture tutorial on this website/blog: Cherry Heart


This is WAY Cool! 

How fun...this would be a great everyday or craft/quilting/artist apron. I could use a few of these. Looks like a great tutorial, too.

Now, This is MY Kind of Knitting!

I admire knitters and knitting but am struggling to learn. I might just give this a try--Comb Knitting!
Check out the easy instructions: Comb Knitting



Quilted Wine Totes

How cool to give this as a gift! The holidays are coming and this would make a great hostess gift using Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Hanukkah fabric. Great tutorial: Wine Tote Tutorial


I'm a slipper lover from way back. Gotta try this. It could be a good project to do with the kiddos or grand-kiddos. Here's a link to the tutorial: Sweater Slipper Boots

This isn't exactly quilting but I thought it was pretty cool!

Check out the tutorial for these wonderful Smittens made from old wool sweaters:  
Wet Felted Smittens

Dresden Plate Trivets 

You all know how I love 30s repro fabrics...but I think these could also be elevated to a contemporary feel with batiks, a holiday flavor by using a red/green/white treatment, or even an Americana touch with red/white/blue.
Click here for info: Dresden Plate Trivets

Aren't these pretty...

And boy do they bring back memories. I'm lucky to have several/many vintage embroideries that my Mom and Grandma did prior to the 50s. As with so many things, I appreciate them much more now than I did when I was younger.


Use this to hang your rulers or anything else you can think of--I "HEART" binder clips!

So True!


Look How Cool These Buttons Are... 

Here's a link to the tutorial, it's called "Make your own damn buttons". It doesn't look very hard, maybe an in-front-of-the-TV-project.  
Make Your Own Damn Buttons
**I received a nice message from Karen in the UK, she said: over here (UK) they're called Dorset buttons - my M-i-Law used to demo them in her knitting classes.
Thanks, Karen, for taking the time to share that info =)

Brilliant Tip for Quilters and Sewers...

Keep a square of a sticky lint remover sheet next to you when sewing to put your snipped threads on, instead of finding them later on your clothes, floor, or chair.
A square of sticky lint remover (off the roll) next to you for snipped threads


Organize those Bobbins...

Great idea to keep bobbins with the correct spool of thread. Grab a bag of golf tees and let the organizing begin! 

Do we LOVE this idea? Dresden Plate using ladies hankies!

Saw this on Facebook and thought it would be fun to make.
I seriously need to do this to several of my mats! I tend to cut (especially square-up) smaller pieces  in the same spot over and over.

Clean those threads from your rotary mat   From Olfa Creates:

Did you know - you can clean your rotary mat with an art gum eraser found at your local artist supply store. It will pull the fibers out of the mat without gumming it up and leaves no residue.

 Check out  Mark Lipinski's Fan Page! on Facebook for cool ideas. This is Brilliant!

"If you're a quilter and have a table that attaches to your sewing machine, here's a great tip that I found for keeping your binding in one place while you're sewing it onto your patchwork: Wrap it around the foot of the attachable sewing table extender."

From  Mark Lipinski's Fan Page! on Facebook. This is Brilliant!



  1. Here's the BLT dip that Lettie made in August:

    BLT Dip

    2 pounds bacon (save grease)
    2 tomatoes (cubed small)
    2 cups sour cream
    1 cup Mayo
    1/2 cup bacon grease(cooled but not cold...I use less, about 1/4 cup)

    - Crumble fried bacon; stir all ingredients together.
    - Refrigerate before serving.
    - Toast bread & cut into pieces for dipping; can use chips.

  2. My sister-in-law is a great cook. Here's one of here Easy Peasy Appetizers and oh, so yummy!

    Liz’s Hot Onion Dip

    1 cup chopped Vidalia onion (yellow onions okay)
    1 cup shredded mild cheddar cheese
    1 cup Mayo

    Mix together and heat 20 minutes at 350 degrees
    Serve with your favorite crackers