Saturday, January 16, 2016

Happy Last Six Months!

I've been a bad blogger =(

After six months, four attempts, and a lot of angst to get my blog back on track...I made it my New Year's resolution to right the ship. Please believe me when I say that I had the best of intentions over those months to share photos of fabulous quilts that I saw, wonderful quilters that I was fortunate to meet, along with some stories about what I've been up to,and several of my finished projects and UFO's. The problem became how and where to start...should I try to reconstruct the happenings in a chronological order? I think I'm way past that by now! So I've decided to go with the flow...start with a clean slate...jump in with both feet...get my butt in gear and begin blogging again.

Here we go......
A good place to start is what's happening with the next book in The Bunco Club Series. BOOK 4 is coming along nicely, and I'm really excited about sharing the stories of Nedra and Lettie with my wonderful readers. I'm hopeful it will be available in March--or maybe April at the latest. Stay tuned for updates.

Here I am in July of this past summer with my brand-spanking new book stand. I was vending at a quilt show in BATAVIA, IL.
I LOVE my new book stand! Beginning stages of growing out my hair =)
As always there were many wonderful quilts at the Batavia show. I had the pleasure of a long chat with quilt artist Cindy Harper. I've seen and admired Cindy's work for several years. She took the time to explain some of her techniques to me. She specializes in raw edge applique portraits and her work is a MUST SEE! Here is a sampling of her work:
There is such fabulous detail in Cindy's pieces. I can't remember the name of this piece but it had something to do with Breakfast at Tiffany's.


For scale, here's Cindy Harper with her work.
Not wanting to sound like I'm making excuses, but most of my life last summer was occupied with health issues. After three very lengthy trial periods and two surgeries, a neurostimulator was successfully implanted in my body. TA-DA...I am Bionic Woman! 

I spent five productive and creative days among friends at QUILT CAMP in September. As usual those days went way to fast for my liking.

Then I was off to the races VENDING AT QUILT SHOWS for the rest of September and all of October...sprinkle in a few GUILD TALKS / TRUNK SHOWS / BOOK SIGNINGS and I was one busy old lady!

I always say I have the best late-in-life dream job that anyone could ever want. I get to meet and spend time with quilters...what could be better? I learn about new techniques and tools, meet wonderful quilt shop owners, get to see incredible quilts on display, and mostly get one-on-one time with my readers. 

Enjoy these random photos of some of the beauties that I saw while vending.




Hope you enjoyed the condensed version of my past six un-blogged months. Thanks for understanding. Hope you check back soon!

Have a Quilty day!



  1. Glad to hear you on your way to good health. Anxiously book 4.

    1. Thanks for the kind words--it's been a long haul. Book 4 is right around the corner--wish I could type faster!

  2. Hope to see you vending at the Pride of the Prairie quilt show in March. I'll be there with my vintage machines. Hopefully I can get to the Batavia show this year (I was in Michigan last year).

    1. Cheryl--Yes, I'll be at PoP this year. I'd LOVE to have Book 4 with me...we'll see =) Glad we'll be able to reconnect, I love seeing your vintage machines!

  3. Love your blog Karen! Always excited to see you at quilt shows! Already counting the days until we go to the cabin. Glad you are feeling better, and looking forward to your next book!

    1. Thanks Moe, always good to hear from you. I really missed blogging and I have sew many ideas to blog about! Will see you in only 8 short weeks at camp--can't wait!