Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Guild Talk

Thanks to Heritage Quilters of South Suburbia for inviting me to speak at their guild meeting.

In the summer of 2013, shortly after my first book, The Bunco Club, was released, Geri and Winnie (the Events Committee) invited me to speak to the guild. At that point, February of 2015 seemed like a million years away, yet here we are...the talk, trunk show, and book signing is a thing of the past! The talk was especially meaningful to me not only because it was the first time I had been asked to speak at a guild meeting, but because Heritage Quilters Guild is the guild to which my "real Bunco Club" and I belong!

I have done countless guild, library, quilt shop talks, and book signings since that day in July when Geri and Winnie graciously extended an invitation to me. It seemed only fitting that I launch my newly released third book in the Bunco Club Series, Threads of Friendship: Marge and Beth, to this special group of quilters.

My husband helped me at the guild talk. Thanks,Bob!
"Lessons from Mama" Quilt pattern by Terry Atkinson
Examples of my left-handed and right-handed art work.
Dresden Plate--Cover of The Bunco Club
Traditional Orange Peel done in 1930s reproduction fabrics
Bear Down--Chicago Football
Red and White
Edyta Sitar Pattern/Wall Hanging

Wind Farm by Miss Rosie
Monterrey Medallions -- Pattern by Terry Atkinson
Egg Money--Queen size pattern by Eleanor Burns
"Gathering Basket" with teeny tiny 9 patches

And finally, several of us took a jacket making class and these were our results--the same pattern with seven different personalities.

I had a wonderful evening among fellow quilters and friends. Thank you all for making it memorable.


  1. Seeing your Egg Money quilt reminds me that I've never finished the last block on mine (from 2005?). I'd be interested to know how much you charge for a quilt guild talk. I belong to a tiny guild in Oswego, but, we don't have much money (since we are so small).

  2. Hi Cheryl--Sorry, Somehow I missed this comment and just now saw it. I charge $150.00 plus gas money and if it's far, far away a place to stay. Oswego is not that far so we wouldn't have to worry about that. I hope this helps. If you are interested or want to negotiate my email is KarenDeWitt7@gmail.com. Hope to hear from you =)