Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Downton Style 60th Birthday Celebration

Oh,what a night!

A wonderfully fun tradition of my Bunco Club is celebrating the 60th birthdays of our members. We recently planned a surprise party using the Downton Abbey theme and wow, did we ever have a great time!

Enjoy a peek at our party, decorations, and costumes through some of the snaps we took ...

I LOVE this photo--We had sew much fun dressing in character!
Isobel Crawley (Faye), our birthday girl, posing with Carson.
Lady Cora (Bev) greets guests in the dining room

Flirtatious Lady Mary (Sandy T) with Carson

Thomas Barrow (Matthew) serves champagne
Mr. Carson with Barrow

L-R: Lady Edith (Liz), Lady Grantham (Bev), Lady Rose (Sharon)

Lady Violet (ME--Karen) with Mr. Carson

An upstairs and downstairs toast to Mrs. Isobel Crawely on the occasion of her birthday
A little blurry but we have L-R: Daisy (Fayes' sister, Ruth), Lady Mary (Sandy T.), Anna (Faye's sister, Joan).

Lady Rose (Sharon) flirting with Carson
Barrow, Lady Cora, and Lady Rose
Preparing for after dinner tea
Barrow and Mrs. Patmore (Sandy C) in the kitchen
UPSTAIRS: Isobel Crawely, Lady Mary, Lady Edith, Lady Violet, Lady Grantham, Lady Rose
DOWNSTAIRS: Daisy, Anna, Barrow, Carson, Mrs. Hughes (Sandy K), Mrs. Patmore
Lady Faye Wine was served.
Our rendition of Happy Birthday to our dear friend and Bunco sister, Faye.
Hoping you had a memorable evening with many more to come!

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