Saturday, November 15, 2014

Tutorials and a Recipe

I've been rather silent lately as I'm working diligently on Book 3--Marge and Beth. It's taking me longer than I thought it would (what doesn't) but I assure you it's coming along nicely. Here are a few tutorials I thought you might like and one WOW recipe.

This is the sweetest holiday mug rug I've seen and can be personalized with a name. Cute little hostess gift, too. Holiday Mug Rug Tutorial

I'm beginning to get into the modern quilt movement. Here is a link to a free PDF tutorial for this Modern Quilted Tree Skirt.

If this is true, and I believe it is, most of us must be extraordinarily cool!

I recently ran across a blog that I'm enjoying very much: Mama Love Quilts by Nicole (Link to her blog on the left). She has a great page on Tips and Tutorials.
Most of you know I'm a fanatic about teeny-tiny blocks...I simply LOVE making them. Here is a photo of a lovely little quilt that Nicole made for her daughters dollhouse.
Check out more about Nicole here:
Wow! Look at the scale...Great dollhouse quilt
I've also become visually smitten with quilts made from red/black/white fabric. If only I had as much quilting and sewing time as I have ideas it would be amazing! Take a gander at this beauty and guess what...there's a tute for it! Free Pattern & Tutorial

I adore cooking with crock pots--you've got to admit it just doesn't get any easier. This looked like an fabulous sweet to make for the holidays and it must make a bucketful! Peanuts, chocolate, and peanut butter chips...YUM!
Enjoy =)  Crockpot Christmas Crack

Thanks for looking...Gotta run and write some more.
Peace Out

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  1. According to your message, I must be really cool, since I'm always starting new projects (but not finishing them). Looking forward to the next book. Happy Thanksgiving.